Mein Lieber Prost gestaltet Rettungsschwimmer-Haus fürs Helene Beach Festival

Mein Lieber Prost Helene Beach Festival Keep Berlin Weird

Für das diesjährige Helene Beach Festival hat sich der Berliner Street Artist Mein Lieber Prost was ganz besonderes einfallen lassen. Er hat in Zusammenarbeit mit der Rettungsschwimmer-Staffel am Brandenburger Helenesee deren Zentrale ein wunderschönes Mural verpasst. In wenigen Tagen werden es die zehntausenden Besucher des Helene Beach Festivals bewundern können.

Mein Lieber Prost hat zuvor bereits beim Fusion Festival in Lärz regelmäßig die Bühnen verschönert.

Mein Lieber Prost Solo-Exhibition “Hundert Prost” at QL-Gallery

Hundert Prost Mein Lieber Prost Solo Exhibition Keep Berlin Weird
Hundert Prost – A small solo exhibition in Mein Lieber Prost’s new pop up store. Art, Stickers, Clothes, and Beer. Originals and Limited.

August 04th – 19th, 2014
Open Monday through Saturday 12noon – 6pm

Vernissage and Party: Friday August 04th, 2014 starts at 7pm
with Live Freestyle Rap and DJ.

Wühlischstr. 12
10245 Berlin

Mein Lieber Prost’s Prostie featured in Megaloh’s new Video “Dr. Cooper (Remix)”

German rapper Megaloh features MoTrip, Aphroe, Afrob, Samy Deluxe, Umse, Ali As, Celo & Abdi and Mein Lieber Prost’s Prostie in his new music video “Dr. Cooper (Remix)”. While the Prostie character doesn’t rap, he interacts with Megaloh, who is a true Prostie fan.

The collaboration started when Megaloh vistited Mein Lieber Prost’s last exhibition “A Painting would not be a Painting without Pain” at Aus Liebe zur Kunst gallery in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. Most of the Megaloh sequences in the video were shot on the exhibition grounds. Megaloh also goes for a ride on the famous Prostie Bike in the video.

The video starts how Mein Lieber Prost draws a oneliner of Megaloh through the window of the entrance door of the gallery. The full Oneliner of Megaloh can be seen in this picture:

Megaloh Rapper Mein Lieber Prost Prostie Oneliner Dr. Cooper Music Video Keep Berlin Weird

Picture courtesy of Mein Lieber Prost and Aus Liebe zur Kunst Gallery.

Mein Lieber Prost “Pain” Exhibition at Aus Liebe zur Kunst Gallery & Tattoo Berlin

A Painting would not be a painting without pain Mein Lieber Prost Keep Berlin Weird

Mein Lieber Prost’s Spontan Exhibition “A Painting would not be a Painting without Pain”

March 01st – 26th, 2014
Open Monday through Saturday 11am – 8pm

Vernissage March 1st, 2014 starting 7pm
DJ’s Oliver Schmid (Aus Liebe zur Kunst), Zampi (Minimalfett), Ricardo Bajo (BPM.REC)

Aus Liebe zur Kunst Gallery & Tattoo
Schönhauser Allee 54
10437 Berlin

Blek Le Rat names Mein Lieber Prost as the emerging street artist he is fond of in Interview

In in Interview with the contemporary online art magazine HI-FRUCTOSE from 2011, world-famous street artist Blek Le Rat names Berlin street artist and founding member of Keep Berlin Weird, Mein Lieber Prost, the one emerging street artist he is currently fond of.

When asked which emerging street artists he is fond of and why, he answered:

“I like the work of the German artist “Mein lieber Prost”, I think it’s funny and well thought.”

Thanks Blek!