‘Global Warming Local Warning’ Exhibition by Keep Berlin Weird artists Za-P and Mein Lieber Prost at Deutsch Französisches Jugendwerk in Berlin-Mitte







A spontanious collaboration between the two Keep Berlin Weird artists Mein Lieber Prost and Za-P who come from two different disciplines of art and from two very different artistic backgrounds. And the work shown here is not at all reminiscant of their traditional paths: Unlike Prost’s or Za-P’s contemporary artworks, this series of pictures is about dissing Berlin’s local issues like mass tourism, global warming, gentrification, life styles and even the public transportations strikes and delays. In the most comfortable way it can be stated that irony is a big part of this particular show on our city we love so much.

The exhibit took place at the Deutsch Französisches Jugendwerk in the heart of Berlin. Also a creative station was built up where visitors could share their own ways of global warming and other topics in creative ways. The p(r)ostcards from the exhibition which also work as stickers can be bought at the Keep Berlin Weird Shop.

Photos by Anna Berlin Photography