‘Global Warming Local Warning’ Exhibition by Keep Berlin Weird artists Za-P and Mein Lieber Prost at Deutsch Französisches Jugendwerk in Berlin-Mitte







A spontanious collaboration between the two Keep Berlin Weird artists Mein Lieber Prost and Za-P who come from two different disciplines of art and from two very different artistic backgrounds. And the work shown here is not at all reminiscant of their traditional paths: Unlike Prost’s or Za-P’s contemporary artworks, this series of pictures is about dissing Berlin’s local issues like mass tourism, global warming, gentrification, life styles and even the public transportations strikes and delays. In the most comfortable way it can be stated that irony is a big part of this particular show on our city we love so much.

The exhibit took place at the Deutsch Französisches Jugendwerk in the heart of Berlin. Also a creative station was built up where visitors could share their own ways of global warming and other topics in creative ways. The p(r)ostcards from the exhibition which also work as stickers can be bought at the Keep Berlin Weird Shop.

Photos by Anna Berlin Photography

Mein Lieber Prost and Za-P Vernissage ‘Global Warming-Local Warning’ Oct 9th 2015 at Info Cafe Berlin-Paris in Berlin-Mitte

Mein Lieber Prost Vernissage Global Warming Local Warning Keep Berlin Weird Info Cafe Berlin-Paris

This is a small, spontanious and not typical Prost exhibition, unlike the others before, this time is a collaboration with a Swiss photographer and Keep Berlin Weird artist, Za-P, playing with feeling and teasing global problems mix with local issues through images in a comfortable way.

Massen-Tourismus, Gentrifizierung, Ausverkauf der Stadt… Diese Themen hat der Berliner Street-Artist Mein Lieber Prost schon lange mit seiner Kunst thematisiert.
In der neuen Ausstellung „Global warming-Local Warning“ beschäftigt er sich auf satirische Weise mit dem Klimawandel und Berlin.
„Klimawandel ist nicht so schön wie du denkst“, meint Mein Lieber Prost.
Das Info-Café lädt euch am 09.10.2015 ab 19:00 zur Vernissage ein.
Während der Vernissage >> Eröffnung des Plakat-Wettbewerbs „AktionKlima”!
Eintritt frei

Tourisme de masse, gentrification, privatisation des espaces publics… Avec ses oeuvres, le street-artiste berlinois Mein Lieber Prost questionne ces sujets depuis plusieurs années.
Pour sa nouvelle exposition “Global Warming-Local Warning”, il interroge les perspectives du changement climatique à Berlin, sur le ton de la satire.
« Le changement climatique est loin d’être aussi merveilleux que vous ne le pensez » (Mein Lieber Prost)
L’Info-Café vous invite vendredi 9 octobre à partir de 19 heures au vernissage de l’exposition. Durant le vernissage >> Lancement du concours d‘affiches « Clim’action »!
Entrée libre

We are welcoming artist as well as Berlin abandoned site specialist ZA-P to the Keep Berlin Weird crew

ZA-P Keep Berlin Weird new artist

Please join us in welcoming our newst artist to the Keep Berlin Weird crew: ZA-P.

Nomad for the past fifteen years, ZA-P has been traveling all over Europe and the world, exploring various subcultural networks which lead her to different artistic fields such as, among others, photography and screenprinting. She specialized in video editing, and obtained a professional degree at the University of Cinema Arts (2007-2009) in Barcelona. Since then she works as a videographer for all kinds of audiovisual projects all over Europe.

In Berlin her taste for the discovery of unusual places through urban exploration brought her to enter abandoned sites that she sees as hidden playgrounds tainted by mistery and forgotten histories. Her artwork underlines the beauty of decay and the nature conquering what man has left.

ZA-P Urbex Lab abandoned site keep berlin weird

Her trademark items are pictures of those sites printed on metal objects, metal light boxes, and metal frames. Also her annual calendar editions of her urban explorations have become pretty famous among people looking for the extraordenary. All these articles of ZA-P will soon also be available at the Keep Berlin Weird Shop.

bidon bleu ZA-P Urbex metal frame light box abandoned building picture keep berlin weird

ZA-P’s Website

All pictures courtesy of ZA-P.