Mein Lieber Prost designs Label for Feierabend Craft Beer

Prostie Prost Beer Feierabend Craft Beer Keep Berlin Weird

Feierabend is a German term for the time immediately after the end of the work-day. It is the beginning of the deserved rest, the moment where one puts aside all outstanding issues and concerns, and goes for a “Bier” in the next beergarden.

Feierabend is also Zagovor Breweries interpretation of a Hopfenweizen style beer, a variant of the classic German Hefeweizen (“wheat beer”). Through a combination of wheat, malt and German hops, it is truly a German style Hopfenweizen, with fruity-banana smell and bitter-refreshing taste. It contains 5.8% vol alcohol and is a limited brew of 1000 liters and if you are lucky enough you can catch it in some local craft bars in Berlin or elsewhere.

The lads from the Russian brewery Zagovor are punk-rock street-art and beer-revolution supporters and they got Berlin street artist Mein Lieber Prost to design the label for this limited beer. The “I have a drink” design is a reference to the famous Washington speech of Martin Luther King in the name of freedom and equality (“I have a dream”). As a nice coincidence Prost is the same word, which is used in Germany when toasting with beer.


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