George Clooney loves Mein Lieber Prost artwork during Monuments Men shooting

George Clooney Mein Lieber Prost mural Boxer Keep Berlin Weird Never give up Grabowsee Kids Globe e.V. Bernard Hanke

The photo was taken during the shooting of the movie “The Monuments Men” which starred George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, and John Goodman at an old hospital and health resort in the countryside close to Berlin in 2012. This areal is now used as a recreation center for kids (Kids Globe e.V.) and as an art- and cultural center. Mein Lieber Prost has supported Kids Globe e.V. with installing plenty of artworks in and around the center.

As per Bernhard Hanke, the chairman of the Kids Globe organization, it was George Clooney who decided to have his photo taken at this location. He liked Prost’s artwork so he told the photographers to take his picture in front of the Boxer-Prostie.

Photo courtesy of Bernhard Hanke (Kids Globe e.V.)