Mein Lieber Prost’s Prostie featured in Megaloh’s new Video “Dr. Cooper (Remix)”

German rapper Megaloh features MoTrip, Aphroe, Afrob, Samy Deluxe, Umse, Ali As, Celo & Abdi and Mein Lieber Prost’s Prostie in his new music video “Dr. Cooper (Remix)”. While the Prostie character doesn’t rap, he interacts with Megaloh, who is a true Prostie fan.

The collaboration started when Megaloh vistited Mein Lieber Prost’s last exhibition “A Painting would not be a Painting without Pain” at Aus Liebe zur Kunst gallery in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. Most of the Megaloh sequences in the video were shot on the exhibition grounds. Megaloh also goes for a ride on the famous Prostie Bike in the video.

The video starts how Mein Lieber Prost draws a oneliner of Megaloh through the window of the entrance door of the gallery. The full Oneliner of Megaloh can be seen in this picture:

Megaloh Rapper Mein Lieber Prost Prostie Oneliner Dr. Cooper Music Video Keep Berlin Weird

Picture courtesy of Mein Lieber Prost and Aus Liebe zur Kunst Gallery.